Wednesday, January 19, 2005

First Blog from Lazzo

Trying this out to see if anyone's interested in seeing what we (the band) have to say. And it's a way to keep things updated. We'll try and do an update at least once a week. This is a place where you can read what's going on with Lazzo and make any comments that you'd like. Have fun!
We're at Deperado's on the 28th this month. We hope you can steal a car and make it out or something. J/K If you want free tickets email us Good luck.

We're finalizing a trip to Colorado on the weekend of the 27th in May.

That's it for now.

Lazzo's here to plezze... not teazze....

Please don’t steal a car (my lawyer advised me to clear that up; it was a joke, okay?).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kool, Keep up the good work. Do the Lazzzzooooo

7:39 AM  

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