Friday, February 11, 2005

New Lazzo Website Rocks!

What does everyone think of the new website? Thanks to Mike Gauna of Los Jalapenos for designing it. Great job! Are you ready for Fan Fair? We are!
San Antonio Fan Fare schedule for us:
3-12 We're closing the 5th stage @ 11pm.
3-13 We're closing the Mariachi Stage 2 @ 10pm.

Take your Valentine to Tejano Boom in Fort Worth this Saturday! We'll be there jamming your favorites the way we do it!

I just bought Joe Posada's new CD and I think it jams! What does everyone else think? I'm wondering what everyone thinks of the jazz pieces he laid out. Being a sax player I loved them... but what about to the Tejano Fan? Just wondering.

Anyways.. gotta go. We got some new songs we're debuting this weekend and I gotta practice.

Take care! God Bless!


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Blogger Brady Gurl said...

~danGgGgGg how did i missed yall at tha fan fair weno i missed alot my bad focl n~e~ways dangGgGgGg mikey is always helpin peeps on their site lopl much wub 2 my boi mikey *waves* jiji weno i hope i get 2 c yall guys 1 of these days aight i g2g so peace out~


1:41 PM  

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