Wednesday, February 09, 2005

San Antonio Bound!!

We've got some great news from Lazzo camp. A lot going on! Some of it is on the down low... But.. We think we're pretty close to starting to record our next CD. The music's ready and so are we! Wanna send shout outs to La Familia Gauna especially Mike who's been working on our new website. We think it's looking tight! Thanks...

Tonight's Ash Wednesday don't forget to get your ashes.

Tejano Boom in Fort Worth this Saturday. Back on our home turf. It always gets hyped when we play there. Maybe we'll start like doing a pic of the week from where we play and post it here every week.

We're in talks with Kansas City for Cinco de Mayo.... We're waiting to hear back from that.

San Antonio Fan Fare schedule for us:
3-12 We're closing the 5th stage @ 11pm.
3-13 We're closing the Mariachi Stage 2 @ 10pm.
We hope everyone makes it out to at least one if not both shows!
We also hear there might be some nominations for us... Cross your fingers for us!


We want to congratulate our roadie Mikey Gonzalez for the birth of his new son Andrew Royale!

DOB: 2/1/2005 Time: 3:09 pmWeight: 5 lbs 15.8 ozsLength: 19 1/4 in

God bless you and your family!

Until next time...

Lazzo's here to plezze not tezze!

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